Thermofax Screen Service & Tutorials

One of my biggest loves is printing with thermofax screens. Thermofax screens are created using a thermofax machine, an old photocopy technology that is difficult to find. An image is burned into the screen and you've got a lightweight, permanent screen that you can print hundreds of times with!

I believe that just because the machines are hard to find doesn't mean this type of printing should be limited to only those who have them. My goal is to make obtaining thermofax screens easy, affordable and most of all - fun!

I'm selling several ready to print designs in my ETSY shop as well as offering you the option to create a screen from your personal imagery - which really customizes your work!

Thermofax screens are awesome for fiber artists looking to create their own fabric. But they are great for lots of other uses too. Have a business logo that you want printed on tote bags and promotional items? Do you sell at craft fairs and want to cut down on production time for some of your items? Do you have a pet or pesky sibling/spouse that could use some sprucing up? (Okay, maybe you should just imagine that last bit, living things don't really like to be screen printed on...)

Thermofax screens have you covered! I'll help you prepare your images and make sure that the process is as painless as possible.

I'm here to help you with all your thermofax needs so feel free to contact me


TOP TEN REASONS why you'll L-O-V-E printing with thermofax screens:

(1) The image on your screen is permanent and can be printed hundreds of times.

(2) There are ZERO CHEMICALS used in creating the screen (good for us sensitive types).

(3) They are inexpensive.

(4) I use snazzy colored duck tape to seal the edges of the screen so they are way cooler then the other screens on the playground.

(5) They are lightweight.

(6) They take up very little space.

(7) You can easily make elaborate designs and laugh like an evil genius as you print impressive images on anything that will stand still.

(8) Printing with these screens does not require an elaborate set up - just put the screen down and pull the print!

(9) They can make you very stylish since its super easy to decorate your clothing.

(10) The can be used to print on more then just fabric - paper, wood, whatever you can think of! Just pick the right paint to print with and you are good to go.


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