Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit

2010 exhibit at expo

"In My Words" at the 2009 American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI 

The 2010 exhibit raised over $300 for Austism Speaks and Claudine Intner's "Art Now for Autism".

The 2010 Breaking Traditions exhibit may be small but it is mighty. There are many many touching and beautiful quilts this year. It was difficult to choose just one. But Holly Kreag's quilt, Phil's Temple, has emerged as the 2010 Exhibit Favorite.

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Here is Holly's artist statement: This quilt is dedicated to my nephew, Phil, who was recently diagnosed with autism. He lives in Japan, and visited me in the U.S. last year, just prior to his diagnosis. At the time, he repeated almost everything that was said to him. He has since progressed and moved out of the repeating phase. I wrote a haiku (a Japanese poem) about my memory of his visit. Creating this quilt was a comfort to me, and made me feel closer to Phil.

The haiku that is on Holly's quilt reads:

Repeats what you say
Not sure what he's thinking, but
answers your questions

Congratulations to Holly for being chosen as the Exhibit Favorite and to everyone that participated in the 2010 show! 

To view all of the quilts from the 2010 exhibit, please visit the exhibit's flickr page.


The Exhibit's History

Breaking Traditions is now retired. It ran for five years and for three of those years served as a fundraiser to help raise money for worth causes.

It was an art quilt that hung at 

The American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan. It featured 12"x12" art quilts that were based on a particular theme unique to the cause that the exhibit was benefiting for that year.

Each participant donated $10 to the cause designated for that year in order to help a fellow fiber artist in their efforts.

You can view the exhibit from previous years by clicking the links in the left hand side bar.

Eventually the exhibit will be completely archived in the group's flickr page.

I am humbled and honored to have had the opportunity to curate this exhibit and to work with so many talented artists. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for not only giving generously from their wallets but from their talent and their hearts.

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