2010 Breaking Traditions guidelines

You can download a .pdf copy of the guidelines here.

What cause is the 2010 exhibit benefiting?

Claudine Intner's Art Now for Autism and Autism Speaks

What is the theme for 2010?

The 2010 exhibit theme is "In My Words." Participants are asked to express how autism has effected their lives. If you do not know anyone who has autism but would still like to participate, please create a quilt in support of autism research.

When are the quilts due?

Quilts due Saturday August 21, 2010. This is a receive by date.

Do I have to sign up in advance to let you know I'm participating?

No, no sign up is required. Simply send your work in by the August 21, 2010 deadline and you're in.

I'm a beginner art quilter. Can I still participate?

Yes! This exhibit is open to anyone who would like to participate. All levels of experience are welcome. This is an excellent show opportunity so please, join us!

What is the quilt size requirement  and how many can I submit?

Quilts are fixed at a 12"x12" square. They must be this size. Each participant may submit up to two quilts.

What kind of quilts are acceptable?

This is an open call art quilt exhibit. You may use any technique or material but it must be your own design, no patterns. Quilt may not have been shown in a previous Breaking Traditions exhibit.  As the exhibit is shown in community centers and art centers, please create quilts with family friendly designs. Quilts with extremely fragile embellishments will not tour due to breakage concerns.

What is the entry fee?

The entry fee is $15. $10 is a donation to Autism Speaks through Art Now for Autism and $5 goes to cover exhibit costs.

Do I have to pay return postage?

Yes, return postage is required. You may ship your quilts through the post office, UPS, or FedEx. Your work will be returned to you by whatever method you ship it. (If you ship by UPS or FedEx, please include a return label with your information filled out.) Return postage must be the same amount as what it cost to ship it to the exhibit and must be in the form of a check. Stamps and metered mail are not accepted. If you send stamps or metered mail, they will be returned to you and you'll be asked to send a check. If you have an account with UPS or FedEx, a printed label is acceptable.

Why does it take so long to get my quilt back?

The exhibit debuts in the autumn every year. It then travels the following year. The tour schedule is set as the year progresses so it is possible that the exhibit could be booked later in the year. Lynn will not ship work out during the holiday rush, so the cutoff date for mailing work back is November 1. Please plan on receiving your work back by the end of January of the following year after the touring year ends. (For example, the 2010 exhibit will tour during 2011. So quilts will be returned by the end of January 2012.)

How do I pay the entry fee and return postage?

The $5 portion of the entry fee and return postage can be paid through a personal check or money order made out to Lynn. The $10 donation can be paid through personal check or money order and must be made out to Autism Speaks. (Donation checks will be forwarded to Art Now for Autism.)

Can I send my work with a signature requirement?

No, please do not send shipments with signature requirements. 

I don't live in the United States. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! The exhibit is open to both United States and International participation.

Will you replace my shipping box?

Priority mail shipping boxes will be replaced. If you ship by UPS or FedEx and send your work in a box that is in poor condition and cannot be reused for returning your work to you, you will be required to send money for a replacement box.

How should I pack my quilt?

It is strongly recommended that you put your quilt inside a plastic bag to safeguard against water damage during transit.

Does my quilt need a hanging sleeve, label and binding?

No, no hanging sleeve is required for this exhibit. Yes, a label is required. Please add a label to the back of your quilt with your name and the title of your quilt. Yes, binding is required. You do not need to do a traditional quilt binding but your edges must be finished.

Can my quilt be mounted on canvas or framed?

No, work mounted on canvas or framed is not accepted for this exhibit. Quilts are gently pinned to felt panels for display.

Is my quilt insured?

No, insurance is not provided. If you want insurance, you are responsible for providing it for the duration that your work is out for the exhibit.

Can I list my work for sale?

No, this is an show opportunity only.

I don't want to participate in the traveling exhibit. Can I still send a quilt in to be shown at the American Sewing Expo?

Yes, you can opt out of the 2011 tour. Simply state this on the entry form so your work can be removed from the exhibit and sent back to you. If you choose not to participate in the 2011 tour, your quilt from the 2010 exhibit will be mailed back to you by January 31, 2011.

Where do I send my quilt when its done?

Please email Lynn at BreakingTraditions@earthlink.net when you are ready to send your work in for a shipping address.

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