2010 Breaking Traditions Entry Form

Mailing Address
If you participated in the 2009 exhibit, is your email and home address the same as listed above? Yes
I didn't participate in the 2009 exhibit
Email Address:
Website or blog that you would like your name linked to for the online catalog (please list only one - this is optional)
Would you like to particpate in the traveling exhibit during 2011? (Your quilt(s) will travel for one year. Quilt(s) will be returned by the end of January 2012.) Yes
Title of Artwork:
Artist Statment (how does your quilt relate to the theme "In My Words"?):
I understand that if I am using the post office as a means of shipping, I must send a check for return postage, not stamps or metered mail. I agree
I agree to allow Lynn (aka Fibra Artysta) to photograph my quilt(s) and allow the use of these images to be used for publicity purposes and to be included in a print catalog (profits from catalog go to cover exhibit costs, there is no compensation to the artist for use of the image.) I understand that I retain full copyright to my work. I agree

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